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You’ve found the best place to find Netflix deals and Netflix codes. We are currently offering a Netflix special offer where you can watch Netflix free month. You just need to click on the banner to the right and signup for free. Netflix will ask for a credit card, so you just need to enter any credit card you have – they wont charge you. Most customers I know love the service so much they just let the service roll over and start paying for both streaming and DVD services. In case you do not like the service, there are no cancellation fees and you can cancel at anytime. I have searched the entire web to find the best Netflix deals and Netflix codes and you wont find anything better than this. The best Netflix special offer you can find is getting this Netflix service free month.


Gone Baby Gone Poster

Gone Baby Gone

If you are looking to watch Gone Baby Gone The Movie – with Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, and Casey Affleck, you can probably find it on Netflix too. We recommend you watch it, its one of the best Aaron Stockard movies. It’s a Miramax film that launched in 2007 and received 94 Rotten Tomatoes score ( You can also checkout their IMDB profile at Just sign up for a free trial and check it out by yourself. Additionally, Gone Baby Gone can be seen in high quality video format. If you are a fan of Miramax films, you can find many other great movies there.

You can get serviced by Netflix free month this way, just signup with a new credit card and you get a one month free service. If you have multiple credit cards, you can repeat the process over and over again. Just as long as you don’t use the same credit card, emails, etc. You don’t need to worry about entering a Netflix code since there is no actual code, you just need to click on the banner and you will automatically get one free month. Also, don’t bother looking elsewhere as we already have the best deal on the market. If you want to continue with this Netflix special offer, just let it expire and you will automatically start paying. I personally don’t care about the charge and I have been happily using the Netflix service over the past three years. I started my experience with them by using this very same Netflix deal. My movie selection really depends on my mood, sometimes when I come back from work I am more in the mood for business movies, if I want some more thought provoking experience I will browse thorough their documentaries. Before you signup for this free trial, make sure you finish reading this article.

Movies Just Get Better

The best part about this Netflix special offer is that Netflix is growing extremely fast. A larger user base means Netflix has more negotiating power when brokering new content. Also, having a larger audience allows them to attract more content provider. The biggest complaint on Netflix was the limited amount of content for binge watching like myself. Now, Netflix is rapidly expanding their content offerings and are currently developing their own unique content. You can take advantage of this by getting this Netflix free month special offer. It’s truly the best Netflix deals and codes.

If you prefer to watch more up-to-date movies, subscribing to the DVD plan allows you to view the latest movies. Most people would agree this is the best value-for-your-money plan. Netflix has over 30 million customers across North America and its only getting bigger. A large portion of those customers came from their Netflix free month special offer. Everyone just loves it. The biggest losers of this story are the cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner. Cable companies are hemorrhaging customers and Netflix is picking up all the extra customers.

You can get the Netflix free month special offer by clicking here

After the first month, this is how their plans work:

  • For $7.99 a month you can watch unlimited shows via their streaming options.
  • If you want to receive DVDs via mail, plans start at $9.99 a month.
  • You can create your queue for watching movies and Netflix will automatically mail the next movie.
  • You can keep the DVD for as long as you like without paying late fees.
  • No need to pay for shipping, its already included both ways!!

How to connect to Netflix Streaming Service

You will need one of the following:

  • Blue ray player
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Smart TV

My favorite part is watching the streaming movies using Netflix deals and codes. Not only do you have a larger selection at your fingertips, but you can also satisfy that immediate hunger for TV shows, dramas, science fiction, etc. Additionally, if you don’t like the movie or TV show for whatever reason, you can simply stop the movie and look for a better selection. There’s no need to wait in the mail for your DVD or even to step outside your house. If you are into binge watching, this is also your best bet – you can watch unlimited shows until you fall asleep.

In terms of cons, you can’t really go wrong with Netflix. Not only is it super affordable, but there are no monthly contracts so you can cancel at anytime for any reason. If you do potentially like the streaming option more, just make sure you have a decent Internet connection. The beauty about Netflix is that it will tabulate your Internet connection to make sure you can watch the movie uninterrupted. If you are mailing back a hard copy DVD, the turn around normally takes 3 days. One day for shipping to Netflix, another day for processing, and another day to arrive to your house. All this will go away in a few years when all DVD movies will be able to stream online.

The Cable Companies

As you can imagine, cable companies are not happy with Netflix. They are losing thousands of new customers a week all to Netflix. Some content providers have tried to play hardball with Netflix, such as signing deals and then not honoring them. Netflix has learned the game quickly and it’s not only buying licensing rights in advance, such as with Mad Men and House of Cards – additionally, Netflix has been developing their own internal TV series.

What do I need?

You need to be/have the following:

  1. Be a first time customer
  2. Have a credit card
  3. Have a mailing address

If you don’t like their services or if you would like to cancel for whatever reason, there are no cancellation fees and you can cancel at anytime. If you are serious about this, you should tell your family and friends that you will be busy because you wont have much free time outside of watching your favorite shows.

Take advantage of this Netflix free month special offer today by clicking here.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I have a number of TVs at home. How does it work?

  • All you need is just one Netflix account. You can connect as many devices as you want at home. You can also watch your favorite shows and movies from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Its all included for free.

Can I use this coupon more than once?All you need is just one Netflix account. You can connect as many devices as you want at home. You can also watch your favorite shows and movies from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Its all included for free.

  • No, the Netflix free month special offer is only available to first time customers.

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